Ben Jordan has over 10 years of experience working in the water treatment industry and has a bachelors degree in water management. Water is his passion and in his free time he's an aquarist that maintains large saltwater aquariums.
pot of boiling water

Is Boiling Water A Chemical Or Physical Change

In our daily activities as humans, we boil water for cooking, to make it potable for consumption, or some other reason. So, to appreciate this topic, it is essential to know what boiling is all about. Boiling is the process of heating any liquid substance to a certain state where all liquid is converted to […]

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troubleshooting reverse osmosis system

How To Troubleshoot Your Reverse Osmosis System

Troubleshooting Your reverse osmosis system can only be seamless and successful if you can initially identify and identify the root of the problem. All the components of your Reverse Osmosis (RO) system work together to provide pure and clean water. Because of this connection, a single issue could be caused by more than one part. […]

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why is there black stuff in my water

Why Is There Black Stuff In My Water?

You may have occasionally spotted black particles in your water, and you’re curious as to what must have caused it and why there are black particles in the water. Most of the time, black particles in drinking water are caused by iron or manganese in the water system. These black specks in your water are […]

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what happens if i don't change my water filter

What Happens If I Don’t Change My Water Filter?

“What Happens If I Don’t Change My Water Filter?” is a common question I’ve seen asked by many homeowners across the United States, both online and offline. If you don’t change your water filter, the water in your refrigerator filters will start to flow slowly as the dirty filter clogs and prevents the water from […]

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countertop reverse osmosis systems

Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Systems | Buyer’s Guide

Imagine having the same high quality water you get from an under sink reverse osmosis system at the convenience of your countertop.

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What is a reverse osmosis system and do I need one?

What is a reverse osmosis system? Do I need one?

What is reverse osmosis? Reverse osmosis systems, as the name suggests, reverse the flow of molecules to purify water. During reverse osmosis, the filter uses pressure to force tap water through a semi-permeable membrane and removes contaminants and solids from your drinking water. The clean filtered water passes through and the contaminants remain behind on […]

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Reverse Osmosis Systems: Worth the Trouble?

What is a reverse osmosis system? Reverse osmosis systems are very popular in the world of home water filtration. They’re a great way to provide your family with fresh, clean drinking water. But are they worth the trouble? That’s what we’ll be discussing in today’s blog post! Reverse osmosis systems work by using semipermeable membranes […]

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Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems For Your Home – [ 2022 Buyer’s Guide]

Best Reverse Osmosis Systems Of 2022 Reverse Osmosis Water Filters are an effective and affordable way to purify your tap water. They let you drink healthy, clean drinking water in your home so that you can avoid buying bottled water, cut down on plastic waste, and save money. Reverse osmosis water filters are a great […]

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